Here are some great tips to help you get an amazing design for your project:

1. Be Proactive - Take advantage of our "Browse" tool and look through our Designers Directory to find designers to invite to your project. You can also browse through other open design projects to find more designers that have the creative talent you're looking for. Simply click on the designer's user name and invite them to participate in your project with a private message. Invite as many designers as you want!

2. Provide Detailed Feedback - Get the most out of your project by providing detailed feedback with plenty of examples. Be specific... tell the designers what you like AND what you don't like for each design entry. It's a lot easier to show a designer what you like by providing a URL example or a screenshot of a design you like instead of trying to describe the design example with words. There is no limit to the number of revisions that you can ask for and feedback to a design entry is kept private, only between you and the designer.

3. Score Every Design Entry - Please take the time to score every design entry submitted to your project. It will help you get better results for future design entries and your participation shows the designers that you're actively working with them to get the perfect design. Active buyer participation on your part is the key to attracting the most talented designers and it will ensure you get more design entries to choose from.

4. Increase Your Project Award - The value of your project award amount will always have a direct correlation with the overall quality of the design entries and the total number of entries. If you want to attract the best designers in the world, it will be important that your project award amount reflects the type of quality that you're willing to pay for.

5. Be Open Minded - Unless you are looking for a very specific design, don't be too specific with your ideas on the project design brief because it will limit the designers' creativity. While you might have a specific vision for your design, you might miss out on some amazing design concepts (that you never thought of) if you limit the designers' creativity by being too specific on the design brief. Great Communication = Great Designs, but the end result will be more creative and original if you let the designers come up with the design ideas.

6. Ask for Help - We're here to help you get the perfect design for your project. If you're not finding the design you're looking for, send us an email and we will personally review your design brief to help you find the best designers for your project.

How does the 100% Money-Back Guarantee work?
Designs Desk offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all design projects. Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you didn't like any of the designs submitted, simply send us a message within 7 days of your project closing and Designs Desk will issue a full refund for the entire cost of your project.
How is copyright handled? Who owns the designs?
Each designer owns the copyright to their designs until they have been selected as a "winning designer" by the Buyer. The Designer transfers the rights over the winning design to the Buyer at the end of the project, during the "Wrap Up" phase. The "Wrap Up" phase gives both the designer and buyer the ability to electronically sign the Design Transfer Agreement. After both parties electronically sign the Design Transfer Agreement and the designer uploads the final files during the "Wrap Up" phase, the copyright is transferred to the Buyer.
What is Designs Desk?
Designs Desk is an online design marketplace that provides businesses with risk-free custom graphic design by giving designers a safe platform to compete for design projects and get paid for their work.

Entrepreneurs, small businesses and large businesses use Designs Desk to get the best logo designs, website designs, graphic design, t-shirt designs, and more. Buyers simply post the details of their project describing what they need, when they need it and how much they're willing to pay. After a project is posted, designers from around the world will submit custom tailored design concepts for the Buyer to choose from until they find the perfect design.
How much does it cost to post a design project on Designs Desk?
Designs Desk does NOT charge any project posting fees. The only cost is the dollar amount of your project budget, plus any optional project posting upgrades that are purchased (i.e. Homepage Featured Upgrade, Search Engine Privacy Upgrade, etc.).
How do I write a good design brief?
When you post a project on Designs Desk, we help you write the design brief with our simple design brief questionnaire. The design brief questionnaire asks simple questions that are the same questions the designers would ask to provide the best designs. We recommend that you be as descriptive and detailed as possible when answering the design brief questions to ensure the best results. Review ( for more Buyer tips.
How much should I spend on a design project award?
The best answer is spend as much as you can afford. With anything in life, you will always get what you pay for. If you want to attract the best designers, you'll need to spend more to create the proper incentive for the best designers to submit design entries. The more you spend on the project award, the more designs you'll receive. Your budget should also reflect the level of complexity for your design project. The minimum project budget for most projects is $99.

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