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5 Ways to Design a Creative Workspace

Close quarters and cluttered cubicles can really make your work day drag.

But what if you could speed up the pace of your productivity and add a little pizzazz in the process?

Freshen up your office with these 5 ways to design a creative workspace.

Choose your Creative Workspace Location

Whether you’re working from home or putting down roots in a rental space, selecting the proper place to do business is important. When choosing your creative office locale do the following:

  • Check for privacy
  • Confirm the noise level is controllable
  • Ensure it has enough creative working spaces

Once you’ve decided where the magic will happen you can review workspace ideas to suit your decorative needs.

Set The Mood

Nothing zaps away inspiration quicker than a drab workspace. If you’ve ever sat in a cubicle you understand what I mean.

There are several things to do to liven up your office. Here are a few suggestions to get started:

  • Let in daylight or dim down with Himalayan salt lamps.
  • Use neutral colors as certain shades invoke anxiety.
  • Consider installing a wall diffuser or burning a scented candle.
  • Instrumental background music can raise your vibration.
  • Hanging wall art, mirrors, inspirational quotes, and crystals can transform a workspace into a creativity design studio.

After you breathe life into your special area focus on the layout.

Make It Functional

Ensuring you have a creative office space is key to allowing ideas to flow.

Clearing clutter is a must if you want to feel at ease while working. 

The use of attractive, but moveable storage cabinets with sturdy casters, enables you to change the layout by rolling them to a new destination.

Allowing space for unfinished projects to rest is another benefit of a functional office.

But where should you place your work in progress?

Invest In a Desk

If you are limited in space, purchasing a desk may seem difficult. But thankfully there are plenty of options to suit your business demands.

A writing desk is a popular choice as it offers space for a laptop or a notebook. It looks best against a wall and makes an impressive focal point.

The computer desk takes the look of a writing desk and adds more space for a printer, telephone, and supplies.

An executive desk is made for a boss. If you have the resources and room it might be for you. It offers surface space and drawer storage.

Needless to say, there’s a desk designed for everyone. 

After all that shifting of furniture, you may need to rest. 

Power Naps

It is well-known companies like Google encourage their sleepy employees to nap.

In fact, they provide comfortable music playing lounge chairs called nap pods.

Nike offers a quiet nap or meditation room.

But wherever you decide to catch some quick Zzz’s be sure it lasts 15-20 minutes. Otherwise, you could fall into a deep sleep, oversleep or wake up groggy.

Get to Work

Now that your creative workspace is designed and you’ve gotten a little rest it’s time to get working.

Let the sweet smells and soothing tunes motivate your mind.

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