Organized Home Office

5 Simple Home Office Organization Tips and Tricks

Office space is wonderful for studying, working, and collecting clutter. About 54% of Americans are so cluttered they don’t know what to do with it all. 

Having a cluttered works space diminishes your productivity, so your office must be organized and neat. But that’s a lot easier said than done!

Where do you begin when want a clean and workable space? How do you start organizing especially if you’re not naturally organized?

Here are 5 office organization tips and tricks to get you started.

1. Clear The Clutter

Clutter is not only an eyesore, but it can affect your health as well by inducing anxiety and causing you to lose time. 

The first task of getting organized is tackling the clutter. Throw away old papers, make piles of things you want to keep or are alike, and items you can donate. It feels great and productive to have less!

2. Make It Pleasing to The Eye

Once your clutter is cleared, consider how you want your space to look. A pleasing-to-the-eye space will seem more inviting and you’ll feel more productive working in a space that’s visually suited to you. 

Consider using neutral or bright colors for your space, and making containers, folders, bins, baskets, and the like all uniform. Plants brighten up space as well. However you plan your aesthetic, make it unique to you, and a plan you enjoy coming. 

3. Organize Your Documents

Document organization is key to keeping the clutter at bay. Papers like junk mail, important documents, and the like all pile up easily in an office space. 

Putting all your papers in place in a filing cabinet complete with legal divider tabs will help keep your papers organized so you can find them easily. Categorize them and toss out ones that are 5 years old or more. 

4. Utilize Unused Space

Once you have everything organized, see if there’s any space that you’re not using that could be dedicated to the organization. For example, you might have wall space to hang shelves, create a command center, calendar, bookshelves, or more. 

Perhaps installing cabinets could be helpful if you have many things you need to keep organized. Cabinets come in all sorts of sizes and can be hung on the wall or the ground. 

5. A Space For Everything

You’ve probably heard it said, “A place for everything and everything in its place”. This means that everything has a designated space from the smallest paperclip to the largest folder. 

When you’ve gone through all your things, it’s time to start putting them in place. Decide where you want to keep everything and make a space for it. This way, when your desk gets messy, it’s easier to clean up.

Be sure to invest in a label maker and label everything so you remember where it goes. 

Get Organized!

With these office organization tips and tricks, you’ll have a clean functioning office in no time, so much so that you’ll be excited to get to work! 

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