Ghost Mannequin Photography

Tips for eCommerce Photography: Ghost Mannequin Photography

Did you know that the eCommerce market size was valued at 9.09 trillion in the year 2019? If you own an eCommerce store or are in the process of setting one up and you sell clothing, then it is important to learn about ghost mannequin techniques for your eCommerce photography. 

Read on to learn our top tips to capturing the best ghost mannequin pictures.

Select and Pose a Mannequin or Model

When you want to create the ghost mannequin illusion, first you have to have a model or mannequin wear your product. You will have to take pictures from multiple angles and make sure that if you are using a model they are minimally styled and if they have long hair tie it up, so it’s not in the way. 

If you decide to use a mannequin, you can opt for on with or without arms, hands, and legs. When you choose one that has arms and hands, just make sure that you can position the limbs out of the frame while taking the pictures. We recommend you check out this article to learn about ghost mannequin in a bit more detail. 

Equipment and Setup

When taking your photos for eCommerce, you will need to create high quality pictures in a studio setting. You will need to have great lighting and camera equipment that will produce high quality images. When you use artificial lights, make sure they are set to high ISO settings (~600) so that it reduces any gray spots in the pictures.

Also, make sure the aperture is set to higher values (f/8 – f/12 is a good range). This controls the lens focus and will help highlight the details of the products. 

Snap the Pictures

Once everything is set up, you can start taking the pictures. Position your camera at the hip level or chest level of the fashion piece and point the camera at the right angle. Keep in mind that if the angle is too low or too high, it will make the product look asymmetric or skewed. 

It is always best to use a tripod in order to stabilize the camera and not have shaky or blurry pictures. Also, take images up close of small details like cuffs, embroideries, designs, and zips. 

Edit the Images

Last but not least, it’s time to edit the pictures. You will have to combine two or more of the images you take and eventually remove the mannequin out of the photographs. Depending on the software you use to edit your pictures, there are plenty of tools to help remove the mannequin or model out of the shot and only have the piece of clothing showing.

Ready to Level Up Your eCommerce Photography?

Now that you have our tips on using ghost mannequin techniques for your ecommerce photography, you can start experimenting and producing the best eCommerce product photography for your business. 

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