Viral Video Making

Go Viral: 5 Important Tips for How to Make a Viral Video

For many brands out there, a viral video is the holy grail of content creation.      

Alas, there is one problem. Knowing how to make a viral video doesn’t come naturally to most people. It’s a fine art — a mix of technical expertise, meticulous planning, and creative flair.

The good news is that there are certain qualities that viral videos share. So, you have to play it smart and rely on best practices proven to work. These tips will help you get started. 

1. Kick Things off With Research

To set the stage, conduct in-depth market research.

Put together the profile of your ideal viewer. Pick up on trending topics and events in and around the industry. See what messages resonate with the viewers across the video landscape.

Likewise, discover which social networks are frequented by your specific target audience. Think about suitable posting time— it should be when most people are likely to notice.

These preliminary steps boost your chances of hitting it big.

2. Focus on Emotional Appeal

You probably know the video has to ooze quality.

But, what does that mean? Well, some people highlight production values, saying they have to be on full display. While this is true, there is another crucial ingredient.

Namely, you need to strike an emotional chord with the audience. We’re talking about positive emotions that leave a lasting impression. For instance, awaken compassion and use humor to your advantage.

These hooks drive people to react and generate buzz around your brand.

3. Figure Out the Optimal Video Length

Next off, try to get the length of the video right.

Don’t make it too long, as you could run afoul of shortened attention spans. People watch 10-minute videos only when they are convinced they offer a ton of value. Otherwise, they prefer something that takes a few minutes to watch at most.

Some vital videos are only several seconds long.

As you can see, in this day and age, less is often more. Hence, make the video as compact as you can.  

4. Bring Something New to the Table

You don’t create a viral phenomenon by merely following in other brands’ footsteps.

It’s necessary to come up with something fresh and exciting. This X factor is hard to put into words, but to find it, you can do the following.

Revisit your company’s mission and values. Think about your identity as a brand and your value proposition. Then, brainstorm some ideas to get going.

Dare to be different and you won’t get snowed under a bunch of other trending content.  

5. Get Smart With Promotion  

Viral content doesn’t come to life completely organically.

You have to promote it to extend its reach and impact. For instance, use other pieces of your digital real estate (blog, website, etc.) to showcase the video.

Launch an outreach campaign to prompt influencers and media outlets to share it too. Consider optimizing your content using the principles of SEO to enhance organic visibility.

Check out these tips to successful video marketing to get more ideas.

How to Make a Viral Video? Now You Know!

There’s no magic formula for crafting vital content consistently.

That said, we provided some tips on how to make a viral video. Your job is to start planning ahead of time and prioritize content quality.

In particular, emit a positive message and set yourself apart from the rest. Make sure to properly target and promote your piece. You’ll improve your brand recognition and win over a new army of followers.

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