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8 Inspirational Pictures You Can Use to Build Your Confidence

Nothing great was ever built in a day.

From big cities and large buildings to successful companies and new products, creating something amazing takes time, hard work, and sacrifice. It takes the motivation to perform small tasks to achieve big dreams.

But, you can’t rely on yourself for all your motivation. You need to pull inspiration from your team, friends and family members, and mentors. It wouldn’t hurt to have some inspirational pictures around, either.

Don’t really consider yourself the creative type? Not to worry – the following is a list of the top twelve kinds of inspirational images many people use to drive their motivation. The list is broken down into quotes and scenery, with a few other special sources of inspiration.

Inspirational Pictures with Quotes

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, it doesn’t hurt to add an inspirational quote on top of a beautiful backdrop. This makes a quote all the more powerful when you read it.

If you’re building a business or feeling a little lost in your career, you need to read at least one of these quotes every single day.

1. “Success Is Never Owned…’s rented, and the rent is due every day.”

This quote is a favorite among many entrepreneurs and successful business owners. It’s a reminder that no matter how far you go, you always have to keep working at what you do. The rent in this quote is your effort.

It stands for the sum of what you do every single day to create a business and lifestyle you’re proud to live. It pushes you to keep nourishing these things and make them even more fruitful than they already are. This inspirational quote and picture idea is also great for people who are just getting started and need a little bit of motivation to make their dreams come true.

2. “Things Come to Those Who Hustle”

You can’t make dreams come true from sitting on the couch. You have to actively chase the successes you’re looking for; you have to hustle.

You’ve probably heard of the “humble hustle” before or seen inspirational quotes that say something like “hustle hard.” But, the real origin of this saying was actually spoken by Abraham Lincoln, who stated, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

In other words, better to get started now than to wait for a moment that may never come later.

3. “Life’s Too Short to Think Small”

This quote doesn’t apply to professional decisions alone. It can be a source of inspiration for the home you want to buy one day, the vacation you’d like to take, or the girl/guy you’d like to marry. It’s all about not settling, and always striving for more.

Sometimes, this simple reminder is all you need to keep going.

It’s a great way to combat fatigue, doubt, or fear. Once you know what you deserve, you’ve got to keep your eye on the big prize. Otherwise, you’re going to sell yourself short – in love, happiness, and success.

4. “You Don’t Have to See the Whole Staircase, Just Take the First Step”

This inspirational quote was said by Martin Luther King Jr. It is comforting, hopeful, and motivational, summarizing many intense feelings in one statement.

Dr. King’s words remind entrepreneurs that they don’t have to have everything figured out at once, but they do have to get started. The quote is also great for college graduates, new couples, and soon-to-be parents. It represents the beauty of a single moment and the way small actions can become big accomplishments.

Inspirational Landscape Images

If you already have an office full of inspirational quotes, or more motivational business books and recordings than you know what to do with, look for something else to hang on your walls.

Consider using natural images as a source of inspiration instead, like the ones listed below.

5. Underwater Ocean and Beach Shots

There’s something about the water that brings a sense of peace and tranquility.

If you operate in a high-stress environment, some underwater scenery might be just what you need to make you feel like you can finally come up for air. Such inspirational photos don’t take away from all you have to do, but they can provide a nice refresher to get you back into a state of focus for work.

6. Pictures of Mountains

Maybe you’re more of a mountain explorer than an ocean lover. If so, find the perfect mountain range to put on display in your area of work or your home.

This could be an image of a sunset over the Appalachian or a snow-capped shot of the Rockies. Your inspirational mountain photos may be from the highest peak, or a bird’s eye view of many peaks within a range captured together.

7. Forest and Flower Images

What if you love waterfalls, river valleys, forest scenes, or wildflowers? There’s an inspirational photo out there for you; you just have to find it!

These various natural scenes make a person feel at peace, focus, and inspired. You can use them as motivation for places you want to go, or as visual reminders to take your thoughts to your favorite place.

8. Big Cities and Other Inspirational Sights

Sometimes, the best inspirational photos are images of people and places we see every day.

Maybe you live in New York City or London or Paris and sometimes forget the joys and glamours of the world around you. Maybe, you need an image of these places as a reminder of where you want to end up once you move from your hometown.

Or, the best motivational images for you may be family photos. Most parents do everything for their kids’ happiness and safety, and most children just want to make their parents proud. Every person’s romantic partner serves as motivation too, and if you have someone special, a portrait of them could be just what your office needs.

Making a Vision Board with Many Inspirational Photos

It’s one thing to know all the various kinds of inspirational pictures out there, and another to decide which images you want to display on your home screen or office walls. Displaying just one photo may not be enough, but trying to hang every single kind of inspirational pic may look too busy.

Find a happy medium by making a vision board. These are inspirational collages that are personal, unique creations meant to represent everything you want in life. Vision boards may focus on one thing – like work, love, or financial freedom – or represent a combination of many life goals.

Whatever you choose to use as a source of motivation, though, remember it’s you who ultimately puts in the effort. Tell us, what tricks do you use to stay focused on your professional and personal goals?