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7 Signs You Need an Ecommerce Website Designer

You’re ready to stake your claim in the world of eCommerce. You’ve got your product ideas and you know who you’re going to market to but now what?

Do you really need an eCommerce website designer or can you get by with doing everything on your own? You’ve seen many people use templates on their site but you’re not sure if they’re successful or not.

Continue reading this article to learn the signs that you should work with a web designer that knows eCommerce.

Sure Signs You Need an eCommerce Website Designer

If web designing isn’t your specialty, you may be overlooking important things for your eCommerce website. If you don’t think a web designer is within your budget, you should know that you may be losing more money than you’re saving by not having one.

1. Visitors Complain About Their Experience

If your visitors complain about how badly your website functions, this is a red flag that you need someone to save your eCommerce website right away. If your potential customers find it difficult to check out, they’re going to head over to sites like Amazon.

Use the feedback that you get to get help from a professional that can solve these problems.

2. Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate is a sign that your website isn’t attractive or attention-grabbing. You can see what your website’s bounce rate is if you have Google Analytics set up on your website.

Your goal should be to get the bounce rate as low as possible. This way you know that people are “sticking” on your website.

3. Your Website Is Outdated

If your website has old information on it, you should update it right away. If your phone number is incorrect, you could be missing calls from people that are ready to buy your product or service.

4. Your Website No Longer Aligns With Brand Messaging

When your brand makes changes to its image, you need to ensure that the whole website reflects these changes. It might be easy to make updates on the homepage but what about other popular areas of the website?

You should look at the most popular pages on your website and update them first but you do want to update as many pages as possible so people aren’t getting mixed messages.

5. You Haven’t Refreshed Your Look in the Last 2 Years

If your website hasn’t been updated for a long time then you should get a professional to look through it and give it a refresher even if it doesn’t need a complete overhaul.

Technology can change a lot within 2 years. If your website isn’t up to date then it might load very slowly. Keeping your website up to date and moving quickly is even more important because you have an eCommerce website.

6. Your Site Has a Low Conversion Rate

Low conversion rates are costing you big time. Even small changes can make a big difference in your conversion rate.

If you’re not a professional at increasing conversion rates through website design, having an eCommerce website designer will make a major difference. They understand how to place call to actions, what sizes buttons should be and more.

There are hundreds of small things to think about when you’re working to increase your site’s conversion rate. Many times these tweaks need to be made over a long period of time and testing.

Most great website designers will test your eCommerce design using A/B split testing to see which changes make a positive change for your site. Make sure you don’t test too many things at one time or you won’t be able to see which things are making the biggest difference.

7. It Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

The next time you’re out in public, look around and see how many people are on the tablets or phones. If your eCommerce site is designed for desktop or laptop, you’re missing out on the thousands of people that want to spend money on your site from their phones.

You’ve likely heard about Google’s latest update where they’re prioritizing websites that are mobile-friendly and letting the sites that have fallen behind go to the bottom of the search engine.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you may need a totally new website. If you want to keep your current website, you could ask a designer if they can create a mobile version of your website but keep the other website for desktop and laptop users.

Choosing a Professional Website Designer

When you’re choosing a professional website designer, don’t be afraid to ask for a couple of references. You shouldn’t only ask to see their portfolio. You want to speak with a couple of their previous clients on the phone or even on video chat or in person.

Vetting your web designer properly is important since they will have access to very sensitive information. Besides for having access to very sensitive information, they could also mess up your website if they don’t know what they’re doing.

Look at the portfolio to see how well they can design websites but also learn about their work ethic and how they deal with clients by speaking to previous clients.

Learn About Graphic Design & More

Now that you know more about the signs that you may need an eCommerce website designer, why not learn more about graphic design? Even if you don’t DIY your entire site, it can help to have some basic knowledge.

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