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Science Made Easy: Chemistry Apps That Make Learning Fun!

There are about 94,100 people in the United States that are currently employed as a chemist or materials scientist. But chemistry spreads far beyond this one career. 

Whether you just love learning or are looking to get into a chemistry-related` field, it can be helpful to brush up on your skills. These chemistry apps can help you learn, no matter where you are. 

Check out these must-have apps for those interested in currently learning chemistry. 

Learn Organic Chemistry 

This app is the lifeline we all wish we had in high school when taking this class. There are so many reactions, formulas, and structures to learn. This app comes to the rescue with detailed explanations for even the most complicated of concepts.  

Elements- Periodic Table Element Quiz 

Downloading this app will help you learn the periodic table inside and out. You take fun quizzes to help you learn the different elements. All you need to do is set the difficulty level, and you’re on your way. 

If you need a little help getting started, this interactive periodic table of elements lets you learn the elements by associating like elements and their location on the periodic table. You can also search the elements if you have a symbol or atomic number that you aren’t sure of. 

Chemistry Formula Practice 

Chemistry is full of formulas, and trying to remember them all can be near impossible. This app helps students understand and learn the fundamentals of the different formulas. This can help improve recall. 

The app has practice modules that let you work with molecular compounds, ionic compounds, bases, acids, and hydrocarbons. You’ll be a pro at organic chemistry formulas in no time. 

Learn Chemistry Via Videos

Do you learn better from someone speaking to you? Then this app is perfect for your learning style. Instead of reading a lengthy text, you can learn the basics of chemistry with easy to digest chapters. 

You’ll learn everything, including organic chemistry, equations, quantum numbers, reactions, and chemical kinetics. There are even quizzes and self-assessments to test how well you learned. 

Before you take the quizzes, check out the flashcards. They are helpful in memorizing the key points. 

Chemistry Calculator

What if you could do all of those tedious formula calculations in a snap? This app makes that happen for you. It can help you figure out the mass cent, molar mass, and empirical formula. 

You’ll be able to switch between numbers and letters quickly. This app is the perfect tool for someone working on in-class work or homework. 

Try These Chemistry Apps

With these chemistry apps, you are sure to develop a strong foundation and understanding. This will set you up for success as you move forward with your career. 

You may even find that some of these apps are worth keeping. The calculator and periodic table are useful tools beyond the classroom. 

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