Custom Packaging Designs

6 Custom Packaging Designs to Get You Inspired

You spend time and money on your product development, to get everything right. Now you must consider how you will package that product.

After getting to know your target customers and their buying habits, you want to design custom packaging that will promote not only your product but your brand.

Your choice of packaging should not be a light decision. Working with a packaging professional, you must craft a design, using the right materials that will entice customers and win their loyalty.

What kinds of packaging should you consider?  Here are 6 custom packaging designs that will inspire you.

1.  Custom Packaging Boxes

A custom packaging box with a logo is always a good solution and can be designed to fit your needs and your budget. Whether you choose corrugated cardboard or a more rigid box material, you can use color, fonts, graphics, and your company logo on any part of that box for maximum marketing.

Which kind of box design is right for your product?  Partner with a custom packaging solutions expert to explore materials, and to create the optimal design.

2.  Minimalism in Packaging

One of the leading packaging trends in 2020 is minimalism, that is, using only one color or keeping text to one or two words in your packaging.

Making your package design simple will allow you to feature the product itself, or its ingredients. This is especially attractive in “natural” or “organic” products that are looking to be eco-friendly.

3.  Sustainable Packaging

Along with minimalist packaging, sustainable packaging is a big trend in 2020. There is a new interest in reducing single-use plastics, opting instead for recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, or custom packaging bags.   

Determine how much of your packaging will go to waste after the product is opened. If possible, eliminate as much waste as you can, and opt for recyclable materials. 

4.  Tech-Interactive Packaging

Savvy product producers are adding QR codes, social media tie-ins, interactive games, and other tech interaction experiences to their packaging.

This is a new and exciting way for customers to experience your product and will keep them from throwing away the packaging as soon as they open it. 

5.  Product Name Instead of Logo

Instead of a logo, you can choose to make the NAME of the product your packaging star. This is done with the creative use of fonts and lettering, along with eye-catching color schemes that amplify the product name. 

Use this type of packaging to promote your product first. This idea is a great option for new companies trying to build their brand.

6.  Vintage or Modern

Both the vintage and the modern look are the latest in packaging trends. But to really make use of these styles, fully commit to them. 

When going vintage, you choose textures, bottle or box shapes, and packaging that mimics products your great-grandparents might have used. 

Modern design will require a commitment to wilder colors, no color at all, or emphasis on weird shapes or textures.

If you are willing to be bold, this may set your product apart from your competitors.

Make Use of Custom Packaging

Use a custom packaging company that will help you create a look that will not only sell your product but will help you grow your brand. By investing in packaging and marketing, you will see your return grow and pay for that investment over time. 

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