Video Marketing Tips for Businesses

5 Effective Video Marketing Tips for Businesses

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, then a collection of moving pictures is worth considerably more. You can very often say a lot more with a video than you could ever hope to achieve with a piece of writing. 

Attention spans these days aren’t particularly long, and we’re constantly on the go. But we all need to get our information from somewhere, and online marketing often means creating videos. 

But what video marketing strategies should you implement when growing a business?

Here are five effective video marketing tips for businesses. 

1. Show Don’t Tell

Video is a visual medium. You may get fooled into thinking it’s all about the dialogue, but it’s not. Use images to reinforce your marketing message, and you’ll create a truly memorable marketing experience for your viewers. 

2. Tell a Story

People love a story. At the heart of any video marketing ideas should be a great storyline. A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. 

The beginning should set up the world, the middle should be where the meat of the action occurs, and the end should round everything up. Think about your digital marketing efforts as being short stories. That way, you’ll capture the hearts and minds of your audience. 

3. Keep It Short 

The average attention span is now less than nine seconds. This means that you have to work hard to grab your viewer’s attention and maintain it for the duration of your video. 

Find a way of saying what you need to say in as short a time as possible. Keep your videos short and fast-paced, and you’ll ensure more of your viewers will watch right to the end. 

Social media sites like TikTok have made the short video into an art form and cultural phenomenon. It’s also made viewers impatient for the next piece of captivating video. 

Using a  production company like 1 Minute Media will ensure you get punchy videos that get straight to the point, dazzling, entertaining, and informing users as they do. 

4. Focus On Quality

Everyone and their grandmother make video content these days, and it’s possible to make high-definition videos on a very low budget. With smartphone cameras able to capture near professional-quality footage, there is no excuse for producing poor-quality videos. 

Focus on ensuring your content looks slick, with great sound and visuals and top-notch production values. 

5. Optimize for All Screens

These days people could be watching your content on a smartphone screen or a 42 inch 4K screen. You need to ensure your video looks great on whatever device it’s getting screened through. 

Make sure any text is big and bold, and easy to read. If you’re selling a product, make sure you include close-ups. Finally, make sure you use the whole of the screen. 

Effective Video Marketing Tips for Businesses

Remember that your videos are like mini-movies. Don’t neglect the storyline; optimize your video for all screens, and keep them short and sweet. 

These video marketing tips should be enough to help you create your marketing masterpieces.


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