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5 Reasons Why You Need WordPress Website Hosting Right Now

If you run a business or even think you’ll want to get serious about your blogging career, you can’t escape the need for a good website. That often means looking for a user-friendly, cost-effective, and easy-to-install solution. Since WordPress ticks all of those boxes, it’s no shock that better than 40 percent of all websites use it.

Of course, an effective website is about more than a good content management system. It’s also about your hosting. If your run your site with a basic shared hosting plan, keep reading for five reasons why you might want WordPress website hosting

1. Speed

Performing well on Google search results depends in no small part on how fast your pages load. Visitors abandon sites that load slowly, and Google knows it. So, Google will push slow-loading sites down in the results.

Managed WordPress hosting is often the fastest WordPress hosting. The host often deals with behind-the-scenes factors that slow down your pages load times.

2. Security

WordPress comes with a lot of solid security features baked right into the core software, which helps make it a more secure choice. The best web hosting company for WordPress is one that helps you double down on the security. Managed WordPress web hosting providers often provide that extra layer of security.

Instead of you trying to shore up the security, they provide firewalls and active monitoring for malicious behaviors.

3. Scaling

Whether you’re a business or a blogger, one of the big goals is a boost in website traffic. It’s great when it happens, but it’s also a time that’s ripe for problems. With standard shared hosting, there’s often a hard cap on traffic or available resources.

That means your site can go down when traffic spikes. The best WordPress hosting providers have processes in place that will help ensure your site scales up when traffic does.

4. Backups

Any time that you install a new theme or install a new plugin on WordPress, you get a notice recommending that you back up the site before proceeding. That’s because a new theme or plugin update can permanently damage your website. Good managed WordPress hosting sites offer automatic backups that let you roll the site back to before install.

5. Make Life Easier

The less time you spend managing your website, the more time you spend building your site or business. Managed WordPress web hosting frees up your time for doing the site building or business building work.

WordPress Website Hosting and You

Managed WordPress website hosting can provide you with several key benefits. You often get a faster, more secure website that doesn’t go down when you see those traffic spikes. You also enjoy automatic backups and fewer website management tasks.

Good hosting also helps support a better user experience for visitors. Visitors like fast-loading websites. That improved user experience can only help your site’s performance in search results.

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