Types of Website Design

What Are the Different Types of Website Design That Exist Today?

Did you know that almost 4 out of 10 people will judge a company’s reputation based on the appearance of their business website?

While the marketing industry can be hard to keep up with, one simple truth is that your website matters a lot. From an unappealing design to slow loading and poor formatting, there are lots of small details that can hinder you.

Learning about the different types of website design can help you develop a clear vision when it’s time to create your site or give it a makeover. Keep reading to learn about 5 popular web designs you might want to use.

1. Minimalist Website Design

The internet and life in general can be chaotic, which is why it’s no surprise that minimalism is a hot trend that shows no signs of dying out. Minimalist websites are clean, basic yet bold, and easy to navigate.

Companies that adopt a minimalist approach showcase that their products or services don’t need fancy bells and whistles to be appealing. This can build trust on a subconscious level with your audience.

2. Typography Web Design

Typography web design emphasizes the importance of the fonts, sizes, placements, and other elements of text on a website. By experimenting with these details, the final results can be breathtaking and memorable.

Since this web design can be challenging to pull off, it’s worth working with professionals who can create a stellar final product.

3. Illustrative Web Design

What’s more eye-catching than a fascinating piece of art? The illustrative web design trend is all about grabbing people’s attention with large illustrations.

Whether you create an original cartoon to represent your business or have an elegant backdrop for your website, people are sure to appreciate the time that went into the design.

4. Collage Web Design

Collages have been popular for decades now because they’re fun and interesting to look at. The art form has evolved for the better now since you no longer need to rely on scissors and glue to make your project.

Collage web designs are a great way to highlight all the things that make your business special. By having this gallery, people know what to expect when they work with you.

5. Horizontal Scrolling Web Design

One simple way that businesses have stood out from their competition is to change the way people scroll through their sites.

Horizontal scrolling lets visitors experience your site from left to right instead of up to down.

Do You Love These Types of Website Design?

As you can see, there are plenty of unique types of website design that can elevate your company’s image. By maintaining a beautiful and user-friendly site, you can keep your business healthy for many years to come.

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