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Top 5 Free Logo Services That Will Give You a Logo in Minutes

Just like you need to have a great look, so does your business. Your business logo separates you from your competitors and expresses why you’re different.

But finding the right fit can take a lot of time and even more money. It doesn’t have to, though.

Did you know you can create a logo for free and in a matter of minutes? Keep reading for our top 5 free logo services that will help your business look great.

1. Canva

Our first option for the best logo design is Canva.

They have free images and templates for you to use that you can even customize. You can change the size and color to match your vision.

And even if you don’t see something there that fits what you need, you can upload your own graphic. Simply drag and drop and you can easily create your new, free logo.

2. LogoMakr

This site is a great option for first-time logo designers.

They will be similar to Canva in that they also use a drag and drop system. It also begins with a video that teaches you how to use their free logo services to design your logo.

They don’t have as many customization options but are still great for a quick, easy, and free logo.

3. FittDesign

One of the best free logo design software options comes from FittDesign’s Free Logo Maker.

This software gets smarter the more that you use it. You simply enter your business information, begin favoriting designs that you like, and FittDesign will be able to create a logo based on your style.

You can even edit and change your logo once you’ve found the perfect one. This is the best option for customizing a free logo that’s perfect for your business.

4. UCraft

This website host does some double duty for your business.

While UCraft is primarily for building websites, it also offers a free logo maker. Just download the free app and start customizing your logo from their 220,000 options.

One great perk of using UCraft? You can download a high-resolution file of your logo for free.

5. Shopify

Shopify’s free logo maker is a great option for you if you’re already using some of their paid services.

Shopify allows you to choose from several pre-made images and has a couple of customizable options. But keep in mind that because they are free stock images, there’s a chance another company’s logo could be very similar.

This is another great option for the first time logo designer who doesn’t want to spend any money on their best logo design.

Free Logo Services That Build Your Business

You don’t have to sacrifice all of your time and money to make your business look great. Use one of these free logo services to take your business’ look to the next level.

And for more on how to use graphics and web design for your business, check out our site and contact us. We can help you create the business you’ve always envisioned.