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5 Tips for Hiring a Graphic Designer Who Can Bring Your Ideas to Life

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 266,300 people worked as graphic designers in the United States. With so many graphic designers available, how are you supposed to know which is the best for you to hire?

When searching for a professional designer to hire, there are a few key tips you should follow to find the perfect match.

First impressions are crucial, especially with potential customers. Gather your ideas for business cards, brochures, and website designs before hiring the right creative mind. Keep reading for five tips on how you can find the best graphic design artist to work with.

1. Portfolio Check

The portfolio is the most important tool a graphic design artist possesses. Not only will the portfolio allow you to see work they have previously completed, it will give you a sense of what to expect from their style.

Question them about the choices they have made in their designs and what inspired them to do so. That way, you will get an understanding of their process and creative output.

2. Be Upfront About Expectations

As mentioned previously, you should already be thinking of ideas in your head that you’d like the designer to possibly work on.

Go into detail about the company, the objectives of the project, and the specific qualifications you are seeking. Also, inform them of deadline requirements and project overturn timelines.

Whether you need a business logo or even just new promotional materials, the designer needs to know what your likes and dislikes are.

3. Skills to Look For

In order to know the difference between high-quality graphic design versus poor craftsmanship, you will have to do research.

A basic understanding of the design world will be beneficial. An artist that is versatile may be key when looking to hire a graphic designer that can handle multiple mediums.

Some designer computer skills to look for include:

  • Adobe Photoshop (or another image editor)
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CSS / CSS3
  • HTML / HTML5
  • JavaScript

Note that not all designers may be familiar with each of these programs and coding languages. You’re not asking them to learn more about putting together an entire server, but these computer programs are essential to graphic design. Stay away from an artist who has little to no experience with working with them.

4. Trial Projects

Since there are so many graphic designers, it may benefit to run a test trial first. Budget a fee and pay them to essentially create something “small” to understand their working habits.

The reasoning behind a trial project is to gauge how well the artist works with you. Do they take direction well? Are they adaptable to new choices? This will also be perfect if you are looking to hire for long-term projects.

5. Cost to Work

Most graphic designers are freelance artists, but some may work for an agency. Price for design work can vary depending on how large or small the project.

Ask the designers for a quote on their work. Be thorough with the details and expectations of the project you need to be completed, as that can cause the price to change.

You should also discuss the payment schedule with your designer or developer. Choose the payment option that works for you and the designer.

Hiring a Graphic Designer

Hiring a quality graphic designer can take time, especially depending on the project at hand. The ability to take direction and also work as a team is just as important as creativity and other skills.

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