10 Graphic Design Companies to Boost Your Brand

Are you looking to boost your brand’s presence?

There are times when a simple advertisement is not enough. Nowadays, it’s all about how clever you can be in advertising your brand. Alone, you may find that it’s hard to keep up with trending designs. The competition is always progressing and you’ll have to think ahead if you want to stay relevant.

However, with the help of some graphic design companies, inspiration from their previous works can help you come up with something that can boost your brand.

Graphic designers are finding increasing success year after year since they’ve become a hit. Here are 10 of the best graphic design business names so you can be sure you’ll get the best services available.

1. Anthem Worldwide

Founded by a specialist branding division in 2004, the agency has 17 locations spread around the major continents.

Anthem Worldwide focuses more on creating designs that cause people to take action. They put a lot of emphasis on heightening people’s need for action as well as coaxing people into expanding their desires.

This agency approaches your requests with a passion-boosting strategy. They will find a way to provide a high energy hype wave while they introduce your brand.

They have several notable designs such as the packaging that Coca-Cola used in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

2. Dessein

This agency based in Perth, Australia traces its roots down to way back in 1987. Dessein offers a lot of services, but their specialities are in web design, logo design, and branding. They also do a good job at packaging designs and signage.

Described as a group of close-knit individuals, its designers have a deep passion for creating and bringing designs that aim to resolve certain conflicts.

They also have different cultural backgrounds in their group of designers. This diversity allows them to come up with more unique designs that can appeal to many cultures.

Some of their achievements are winning the Platinum Creativity award when they worked with Black Swan, one of the most prominent theatre companies today.

3. Checkland Kindleysides

Established in 1979, this agency focuses more on creating the trend than keeping up with it.

The agency’s approach to graphic design is often to appeal to the current generation’s youth. And because of this, they’re one of the top graphic design firms around today. Consider them if your brand’s target audience is one and the same.

Checkland gained massive success because of their strategy. They have many notable achievements like Levi’s first store in the U.K. and Ray-Ban. They were also responsible for the rebranding of a lot of big companies like Bentley.

They also have a big client list. Pizza Hut, Timberland, Beats by Dr. Dre, and Audi to name a few.

4. Base

An agency with offices in Brussels, New York, and Geneva. Base has a unique take on what they specialize in. They specialize by working on everything from food to fashion and from corporate to a collective.

They seek to break the norm by understanding the customer’s brand on a personal level. They are a more hands-on type of company, leveling with and working with their customers to provide them with a simple design that is sure to trend.

Some of the brands they’ve worked with are Adidas, Yves Saint Laurent, and Kanye West.

5. Brandhouse

This U.K. design company based in London uses people’s emotions when designing for a brand. They say designs made by them are distinguishable by the emotional feeling they give off.

Brandhouse focuses more on making a design that clicks with the brand’s target customers. They have clients such as Kellogs and San Miguel. They often don’t present a design to their customers until they believe it’s the right one. As proof, most of the clients keep the designs for years.

Though it’s now a part of Hangar Seven, a U.K. content creation business, they still accept clients.

6. Bibliotheque

When it comes to design, the London agency Bibliotheque come out on top as well as this company.

They focus more on putting typographical designs. This makes them a great choice if your products are small items.

Bibliotheque aims to make simple yet captivating designs for their clients. They excel at having great attention to detail, making their designs as precise as they can be. Having meticulous designers helped them earn a reputation in a short amount of time.

Their reputation got them the chance to work with several big names such as Sony and Nokia.


Founded and established in 1995, this London-based company has come a long way. It now specializes in digital designs among other services.

The agency takes a more innovative approach to design. They often look at how they can incorporate today’s technology into your brand. This tactic helped them grow into the most successful private agency there is.

AKQA has over 1,500 employees spread-out all-over Asia, Europe, and the United States. They can provide you with services such as interface design and e-commerce.

Today, AKQA has many high-profile clients including Amazon Prime Video, David Beckham, Oakley, Rolls-Royce, and Netflix.

8. Alexander Interactive

Alexander Interactive goes beyond with customer service. They focus more on web design. They make sure that their clients have the ideal set up for their pages.

They go in-depth when they’re asking their clients about their brand. In doing this, they understand the brand more. This allows them to be accurate in portraying what their client intends for their web page.

Creative and engaging designs are what they have to offer to their clients. However, they can also provide other services such as web development.

9. Firstborn

A company with over 200 awards since its establishment in 1997. This multiple-award-winning agency has a specific focus. They specialize in projects that can take advantage of modern technology.

Though, many of their clients ask for their services in 3D models and website management.

Firstborn has many clients. The most popular among which are Ford, M&Ms, and Microsoft.

10. Pentagram

They’re considered to be one of the biggest design firms to date. Pentagram is a London-based firm established in 1972.

Designs made by Pentagram present a quality of equality and independence. Their original idea was to create a discipline that has many cultures as it’s background.

Some of their clients are Saturday Night Live and 21st Century Fox. You can see how well they’ve made their designs based on those two clients alone.

Know About the Best Graphic Design Companies Now

These graphic design companies are the best of the best. This list should help you find which one is best suited for your brand. Hire them now!

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