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5 Brilliant Design Ideas for Your Website’s Testimonials Page

Did you know that customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating (89%) out of all content marketing tactics? It’s clear why you want to have a well-designed testimonials page that speaks clearly to the success your customers have enjoyed after using your product or service.

Yet too many businesses are neglecting their testimonials pages. The biggest mistake is forgetting to update a testimonials page, but design woes can sink a testimonials page just as quickly.

How to Design Your Testimonials Page for Success

Your testimonial page shouldn’t get in the way of your visitors being able to understand their importance. In fact, the best pages present customer testimonials with a clean design, in a way that highlights how valuable your product or service was to them.

1. Use Videos

51% of marketers all over the world say that video is the content with the highest return on investment. Considering how much video the average internet user watches each day on sites like Facebook and YouTube, it’s easy to see why videos are important to all areas of a website – especially the testimonials page. If possible, try to record simple videos of your customers talking about how helpful your offering is.

2. Include Screenshots

It’s nice to see quotes from customers presented in text on your website. However, there is something more raw and impactful about seeing the original type of correspondence that was sent to your business or customer service department.

If you are planning on going this route for your testimonials, make sure you remember to blur out sensitive customer information. Phone numbers, names, and email addresses should all be blocked or blurred out so they do not appear online.

3. Incorporate Customer Logos

If you are a B2B business, your prospective customers will judge you based on the previous organizations you have had as customers. If you’ve worked with any prominent companies in your industry, it’s important to mention them as customers to reinforce the impact of your testimonials page.

4. Mention Customer Titles

Similarly, if you are doing business with executives and managers, they will want to see that you’ve worked with others at their level. It can be a nice design touch to add a customer’s title underneath their picture and name in a bold, complementary color.

5. Emphasize Important Words

Some companies have an offering that really do have a serious impact on the lives of their customers. If your past customers have used words like “life-changing,” “wouldn’t be the same,” or phrases of similar impact, you should highlight these. People who are checking out your testimonials should know that these are the main reasons you are in business.

A great example is the way Safeco insurance reviews are presented on this page. You can see that key phrases are included as the title of each review, which helps readers get right to the point.

Good Testimonials Page Design is Good Business

At the end of the day, your testimonials page is one of the most important ways your website contributes to the growth of your business. If your page is well-designed and incorporates the most powerful parts of your testimonial, it will convince people to do business with you. For more customized design information, contact the DesignsDesk.com team today.