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The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Killer Sales Page

There are 1.9 billion websites online right now. That number is growing every day.

What does that mean for your business?

It means that competition for the attention of the 4.1 billion people who use the internet is fierce. If you want to sell your products and services online, you have to go all out when it comes to making outstanding sales pages that convert online leads to customers.

So then, where should a business owner start when it comes to crafting sales pages that work?

As it turns out, there are key features all of the most successful sales pages share. Below, our team outlines those features in hopes that our insight will help you boost your online sales in a big way.

1. An Incredible Headline

Your headline is the first thing that people will see when they initially access your sales page.

If your headline is one that inspires curiosity in readers, they’ll continue reading your content. If your headline falls flat, chances are, users will hit the back button on their web browsers.

What makes a great headline?

For sales pages, headlines should be specific and should focus on your customer’s main pain point.

For example, “30 Days or Less to Freelance Artist Success” would be a good headline for a page selling a course that promises to help freelance artists create sustainable incomes.

2. Multiple Call to Actions

Your aim with a sales page is to get your customers to buy your product or service before they finish your writing. Remember, the goal of a sales page isn’t to get people to read its content, its to drive sales.

To get people to convert as quickly as possible, be sure to include multiple opportunities for readers to “Buy Now” throughout your sales copy.

Read more about buy buttons and online transaction providers that can process payments on your sales page.

3. An Outstanding Layout

Sales pages have a certain way of being laid out. They make liberal use of headers, they have short 2-3 sentence paragraphs, sections for sharing product benefits, testimonials, etc.

Making sure that your page utilizes proper web/sales formatting is integral to boosting your conversation rates.

Remember, success leaves clues. If you model your sales pages after other people’s that have experienced success, you’ll move a step closer to replicating their results.

4. Use Testimonials

Nothing motivates a buyer to buy more than seeing that other people bought your product and got the results they want. That’s why the use of testimonials is so important.

If you have previous satisfied customers, ask them if you can put up their picture on your sales page alongside their recommendation. If you don’t have customers yet, let your family and friends try your product for free in exchange for their testimonials.

Believe us when we say that taking the time to get testimonials can mean a huge difference in the number of conversions you enjoy.

5. A Little Bit About You

In order for people to feel comfortable buying your products, they need to feel comfortable about you. To nurture that comfort, don’t be afraid to share a little bit about yourself on your sales page.

Talk about your background, give customers context as to why you’re doing what you’re doing and let them know how you and they are alike.

The more likable and knowledgeable you come off on your sales page, the more likely people will be to do business with you.

6. Excellent Copy

Even if the structure of your sales page is superb, if your writing is bad you’re not going to make a sale.

Therein lies the value of leveraging excellent sales copy.

Sales copy uses tactics like leaning on customer pain points, describing solutions, and really getting into the head of the reader in order to persuade. You can learn more about how to write an awesome sales copy here!

7. A Focus on Results

People don’t buy products, they buy results.

For that reason, you never want to lean too heavily on selling the physical product you’re promoting. Instead, focus on how the product will change people’s lives.

For example, if you’re selling a vacuum cleaner, focus your pitch on the ease in which customers are going to be able to create the spotless home environment of their dreams.

If you can make the results people will get from your products feel real in your writing, they’ll be much more inclined to buy.

8. Create a Sense of Urgency

If you really want to increase your odds of making a sale, making your customers feel like what they’re reading is a limited time offer is a great way to achieve that end.


Because people are natural procrastinators.

If they feel like what you’re offering them will be there tomorrow, they’ll wait until tomorrow and tomorrow will turn into never. That’s why letting people know on your sales page that the offer you’re promoting won’t last will help push them to close immediately instead of banking on them returning to your page later.

Wrapping Up The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Killer Sales Page

We’ve just gone over eight crucial elements that make up a killer sales page. Our team recommends that you make an effort to incorporate every one of our suggested elements into your current sales pages and ones you create in the future.

If you do, we promise that you’ll notice a serious uptick in your product and services conversions!

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