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Understanding the Importance of Photography in Graphic Design

Over 1 trillion digital photos will be taken this year!

People love photography because it’s a universal language. Photographs also tell a story that makes a lasting impression on their audience. An adorable picture of a baby bear hugging its mom can touch hearts in any part of the world.

We remember amazing images because of how they make us feel. Looking at an image can evoke any number of emotions. Feelings of happiness, inspiration, joy or curiosity can all come from a single photograph.

Humans are emotional creatures and we make decisions based on how we feel. As a graphic designer, you should become a master of reaching your audience through emotions and feelings.

You can take your graphic design skills to a new level by adding your own personal photographs. Learning how to take quality images will be easier for you since you’re already in the visual arts industry.

Read on to find out why photography skills and graphic design go so well together.

Composition and Balance

The rule of thirds can apply to photography skills and graphic design. The purpose of the rule is to help photographers take intriguing, balanced shots. Of course, as with any creative outlet, you can bend or break the rule of thirds.

However, before you break the rule, make sure you understand it fully. When you properly apply the rule, your images will be more pleasing to look at. While you practice taking storytelling shots, your eye for composition will improve.

For any type of visual art (like photography or graphic design) you’ll need to practice composition. When you strategically place and arrange visual images, you’ll direct the viewer’s eyes where you want them to go.

The composition is similar to composing in the musical world. You are fitting together different creative ingredients in a purposeful and conscious manner. The end result will be a graphic design display that grabs people’s interest.

Your photographs and graphic design art will blend together to create eye-catching effects. Not only will you grab the viewers attention, but you’ll also convey a message or tell a story.

Your photographs will communicate feelings that graphic design alone couldn’t articulate.

Original Stock Photography

Another benefit of adding photography is your ability to produce original images. When you can create unique stock images, you can make more money. To stand out from the crowd, take some nongeneric shots.

Any type of original, creative image can help generate you more income. You can sell your stock photos for a flat price online. There’s plenty of puppy photographs in stock imagery, but not as many up-close photos of a dog’s tail.

If someone is writing an article about dog tails, your photo will work perfectly! In addition to selling your stock images, you’ll also be reinforcing your brand. Every photo on your web page will have your creative signature.

You can even use images to create custom logo designs. If you’re relying on other people’s photos all the time, your design is an afterthought.

However, when you’re planning, staging, and taking the photo, you are in total creative control

Color Theory

You can produce creative photography when you take advantage of different color schemes. Graphic design and photography both rely on color to tell their story. As a graphic designer, you probably are already aware of how color theory works. In your current designs, you probably practice using color already.

Color is a great way to make powerful impressions on your audience. Knowing how to use color will help you take better quality images. Also, your graphic design color skills will sharpen and become even more powerful.

If you have a website with a testimonials page, color can bring it to life. You can also try adding colorful portraits. Our eyes are naturally drawn to look at the human face. When you add color, you’ll be creating a long lasting impression on the viewer.

Digital Photography Skills

Next, it’s important to recognize the importance of using digital photography. Film photographs are wonderful for artwork, but not compatible with graphic design. Instead, you’ll want to take all of your photographs with a camera that uses a digital sensor.

Here are a few quality digital cameras you could use for your photography:

  • Panasonic Lumix TZ5 Compact
  • Fujifilm Finepix S6000 Bridge
  • Nikon D700 Professional

In the list above, we have a compact, bridge, and professional camera option. If you’re brand new to photography, you might benefit from using a compact camera.

Another term you’ll hear for compact cameras is “point and shoot”. Using a compact camera allows you to skip the hassle of complex settings. Instead, with automatic settings, you really can “point and shoot” any photo that catches your eye.

Compact cameras are also small and less expensive than more professional models. You can also customize your compact camera with special features. For example, you could find a model with a robust zoom feature.

Review Your Cameras Functionality

Make sure you review the camera’s specifications before you make a purchase. Your camera will need to have the following features for the best performance:

  • Manual exposure modes
  • Can shoot in RAW format
  • Macro capable
  • Tripod compatible

If your point and shoot camera can’t perform the above tasks, it won’t work well for you. You might try going up one level in camera difficulty and getting a bridge camera.

If you decide to use a bridge camera, you can expect to pay more than you did for your compact. However, if the budget allows, bridge cameras have a wider range of functionality.

In certain cases, your smartphone could even help take the photos you need. If your smartphone has a camera with 16 megapixels, it’ll produce high-quality images in a variety of settings. If you have a low light capability on your phone, it’ll also work for sunset photo shoots.

Find Your Inspiration

Are you ready to start practicing your photography skills?

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