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Keep Calm and Stay Clean: The Best Sober Blogs to Read During Recovery

Substance abuse is a debilitating and ugly thing. The road to sobriety isn’t much better.

When you’re going through recovery, you’re fighting your cravings and trying to prevent relapse. Addicts often have to start a new life by closing themselves off of old friends and even move somewhere new.

Fortunately, there are ways to make this journey better. Replacing drug and alcohol use with healthier hobbies is one of the best ways to cope. Blogging is a hobby that many former addicts use to help themselves and others.

If you’re not a writer, don’t fret. If you love reading, you can indulge in a number of sobriety blogs. Here are the best sober blogs that will inspire you.

Since Right Now

This blog reminds you there’s life after addiction – and that life is better than the life you were living while abusing drugs and alcohol.

Since Right Now is comprised of written posts and podcasts offering advice, stories, and general creativity from former addicts.

Overall, this blog is fun and trendy. Sobriety can be cool and fun. Since Right Now proves it.

I Love Recovery Café

I Love Recovery Cafe is a community for former addicts to discuss topics that range from recovery to mental health.

Editor-in-chief Nicola O’Hanlon created not-so-much a blog but more of a community for former addicts to come together and help each other.

Some topics on this blog are specific, such as health and art. Others are broad, such as lifestyle. Overall, you’ll find something on this blog that peaks your interest.

Hip Sobriety

Holly Glenn Whitaker created Hip Sobriety, a website that encourages former addicts to recover.

Holly knows firsthand the devastating effects of addiction; she suffered alcoholism and bulimia before she created a program that changed her life.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a scam. Instead, her program consists of blogs and podcasts that explain how she lives a sober life every day. Holly’s story is inspiring but is also very honest.

Sobriety takes a lot of work and dedication, which is at the forefront of her blog.

A Hangover-Free Life

A Hangover-Free Life is another firsthand sobriety experience blog. The owner: a nurse living in the UK who struggled with alcohol abuse. With her medical background, her writing is honest but factual.

By reading her blog, you’ll learn a lot about the science behind alcohol and alcohol abuse.

This blog offers more education and resources, such as a free ebook. You may even find rehab recommendations. There’s more info here.

Read These Sober Blogs and Live a Clean Life

Going through recovery after struggling with substance abuse is never easy. Fortunately, sober blogs offer advice and encouragement.

All of these blogs are different. Some offer advice and firsthand stories. Others include the science and psychology behind addiction. No matter what kind of recovering addict you are, you’ll find a sober blog you’ll love.

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