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Make That Moon Shine: How To Create A Striking Logo For Your Small Distillery

Are you thinking about starting your own craft spirits business? You’re not alone. The number of craft distilleries in the U.S. rose by 26% from 2016 to 2017, and there are over 1,500 in operation.

This means you need a great logo that communicates what your brand is about and helps you stand out from your competition. Your logo is the first thing your customers are going to notice. When it comes to liquor products, it also does double duty as your packaging design.

The importance of logo design can’t be overlooked when launching a liquor business. Follow our tips below to create an impactful logo for your small distillery that people will notice.

Know Your Target Customer

Before you can build your marketing strategy, you need to know more about the customer you’re trying to reach. You may have a product that you want to market to female whiskey connoisseurs, or you wish to introduce your high-end liquor to affluent consumers.

Creating a customer profile first can help you determine how to present your brand to them, and that includes your logo’s design. Male sports fans, for example, probably won’t be receptive to a logo that has a feminine font and design.

Learning about your target customer’s profile goes beyond their basic demographics. Their interests and purchasing power should also be taken into consideration. A good market research company can work with you to help determine your target customer profile.

Research Your Competition

Taking a look at other distillery companies is a great way to gain insight into what you like and admire about their brand and what is working for them. It will also help you avoid copying them as you build your company’s own unique voice.

Put yourself into a customer’s shoes and review every competitor’s logo. Note what you like and don’t like about each one. Does the logo entice you to take the bottle off the shelf to learn more about the liquor and the company’s story?

Studying the competitive landscape is important when fleshing out your own logo design and marketing strategy.

Less is More

Think of some of the world’s most recognizable brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, and Twitter, and you’ll notice that all of their logos have one thing in common. They’re simple. The cleaner and less complicated your logo is, the better. 

Too many colors, graphic elements, and fonts create visual clutter. A well-designed logo is easy to see and clearly communicates at a glance what the brand is all about.

Your logo should include a relevant central image, but be careful not to choose one that’s too obvious or overused.

When it comes to including copy in your logo, a good rule of thumb is don’t do it other than displaying the name of your company. One exception for liquor brands is including the date the business was established in a smaller font.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Little Edgy

If these rules sound restrictive so far, the good news is an alcohol brand can afford to be a little edgy. Think of the old school, Gothic typeface used for the Jagermeister logo or the Barcardi rum fruit bat (there’s a reason for the bat, which we’ll get to in the next tip.)

Again, this depends on your target market and if the visual elements work for your brand. You want a look that will pique someone’s interest and pluck your bottle off the store shelf to learn more.

Tie it To Your Company’s Story

So what’s the reason for the bat in the Barcardi logo? The first building that housed the distillery was also home to several fruit bats living in its rafters. They were no doubt attracted to the molasses scent in the building.

The owner’s wife considered them a sign of good luck. They eat insects that would otherwise damage sugarcane, which the rum industry depends on.

She may have been onto something, considering Barcardi Limited today is the world’s largest privately held, family-owned spirits company.

Your distillery company may have its own story to tell that you can incorporate into your logo’s design. Maybe there’s something quirky about what inspired you to launch your own liquor company.

Make Sure It’s Scaleable

Your logo should remain recognizable in a variety of sizes. It should be easy to see whether it’s in your brand’s Facebook profile photo, on signage, or painted on your distillery building’s window.

Take the time to print out the logo design in several sizes to make sure it works in each one.

Beyond the Logo: Marketing Your Distillery Business

A great logo is only one piece of your overall marketing strategy. There’s a lot you can do to promote your distillery business.

One way to increase sales is to offer distillery tours. People love to learn how you make your liquor and what makes it unique.

Your tour can include a tasting and a branded glass for visitors to take home with them. Learn more about these tours and how they can market your business.

You can also plan special tastings and other events at your distillery, and partner with a local business to provide food to pair with your liquor.

Effective marketing also includes telling your brand’s story through your website, social media channels, and advertising.

The Right Logo Makes Your Small Distillery Stand Out

A memorable logo helps differentiate your small distillery and shows off your brand’s style. Try not to rush the process. Take your time experimenting with different designs until you find the right one that speaks to what your business is all about.

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