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6 Reasons Social Media Design is Important to Your Marketing

Click. Click. Click. 

We live in a digital age where uninterested people can simply click and swipe to move onto a better, more engaging option. 

Social media is great for marketing but also falls victim to this mindset. Customers and web surfers alike want to feel like they are connecting with a social media account. They want to feel like investing their time, money, and attention into a social media account will benefit them. 

Will following this account bring them more joy? Elevate their status? Give them an outlet to be a part of something they believe in? 

Regardless of the digital age’s need for instant gratification, the reason why your target audience sticks around is because you’ve piqued their interest. 

So, how can you continue to engage them and create new followers and customers? By upgrading our social media design to reflect our overall graphic design and marketing plans. 

Read on to learn more about the importance of social media design and how to use it to your advantage by having a solid graphic design plan. 

The Importance of Social Media Design 

Social media provides opportunities for connection, engagement, and sales. When done with style and cohesion, graphic and social media design can broaden your customer base. Explore the following ways social media design will help you upgrade your brand and following. 

1. A Story to Follow 

Followers need to know what your story is and what you stand for. Your social media design and graphics need to tell a story that your followers can easily follow. The key is to make your design and story engaging enough for followers to continue coming back to your storyline again and again. 

To know what your story is, you need to know what your end goal is. What is your reason for existing in the first place? Why should your social media following be interested in you? 

Not everyone on social media will be the right fit for your page, but knowing and understanding your target audience will help to identify how you can reach them.

Knowing your target audience and the message you want to send to them will then help you to design graphics to engage them. Each graphic needs to have a purpose and it needs to tell your brand’s story while enticing your audience to act in some way. 

2. Branding 

Your brand ideally should be an extension of your story, but your branding also needs to be cohesive throughout. It’s great to be able to share your story and engage followers, but your brand’s design also needs to be cohesive. 

If the graphics on your social media page are designed at random without a solid branding strategy in mind, your followers may be confused. They may also not view your brand as professional. 

To have a solid branding strategy, you need to have in mind a color scheme, words, fonts, and typography to use regularly. You also need to know what type of graphic design you’d like to consistently use. Your logo also needs to match your graphic design plan.

This regularity lets your followers and customers know instantly that it’s from your brand.

3. Visual Satisfaction 

Human beings are visually driven. We may not spend the time to read the text, but we do take note of the images and designs we see. 

To meet this need, make sure that your branding and graphic designs can stand on their own! Human beings simply process visuals easier than text data, so make your graphics count.

When followers instantly know it’s your brand, your graphic design creates a story of its own. One that is visual and one that reflects the value, message, and services offered on your social media page. 

4. Quality

When graphic design is beautifully paired with the overall social media design it signals to the social media user that they can expect quality. Viewers will inevitably judge and decide for themselves if your brand or company is one they want to invest in. Your graphic and social media designs should give them a reason why to invest, not a reason to say no. 

Ultimately, your followers will decide if your brand or message isn’t right for them. But if you can first give them quality design, you at least give them a reason to take your business seriously. When your design signals quality and professionalism you give your audience a reason to look and become engaged. 

5. Trust

When you engage your target audience through your design, you begin to create a relationship built on trust. When you build trust and consistency, your customers stick around for more content.

Only then can you attempt to consistently wow them and sell them products if that’s your end goal. 

Think about it. Would you want to purchase a product from a company that doesn’t appear to pride itself on how it looks to others? Would you trust a company just because they said their products are the best in the world?

Probably not. Bottom line, when your social media design and graphics exude quality, your target audience will view you as a brand they can trust. 

6. Recruitment

Once your brand, graphic design, and social media design consistently represent your overall message, you can expect folks to feel proud to be a part of your business. This pride results in recruiting new followers, possibly new employees, and even investors. 

Graphics that consistently convey the message of your brand on your social media can also be used as “call to action” statements. These statements encourage follows to be more engaged and spread your message with little to no work on your part. Your followers become your marketers and your recruiters for new followers. 

In this way, you’ve successfully recruited your followers to market your business for you. 

Ready to Amp up Your Social Media Design?

Social media design can either enhance or detract from your brand’s message. With the right graphic design plan and implementation, you’ll be well on your way to gaining more followers. Always keep in mind the importance of social media design and choose carefully and consistently beautiful graphics to share. 

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