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App It Up! Everything You Need to Know About App Programming and Development

In 2018, global app downloads surpassed 194 billion. If you hadn’t considered building an app for your business, you should get on it. Building a business app can expand your reach and put your business in front of a diverse demographic.

Before hiring an expert, you must learn as much as you can to develop the right app for your business. Understanding the basics of app development and programming will help you design a plan to meet your business needs.

Don’t know where to start? We’ll tell you all you need to know to begin your journey to develop the best app for your business. Read on for your business owner guide to app programming and development.

The Business Owner Beginner’s Guide to App Programming and Development

Today, building an app is a must for any business owner. However, most owners fail because they don’t learn enough about what goes into developing an app. You may think you must learn to write apps instead you need to develop the right plan.

Don’t know how? Here are the steps you should follow for successful app building.

1. Research and Develop Your Idea

Before consulting an expert, you must research and develop your idea. A good starting point is checking out your competitor’s apps. What are they offering their users?

Is it something similar to what you want to build? When developing your app idea, you should look for ways to fix your user’s problems. If you build apps that improve users lives, they will use it and recommend it to potential leads.

2. Design the User Experience (UX)

Designing the user experience is the backbone or architecture of an app. You may consider using an App Builder to get started without coding. However, you should try to learn the basics of the coding language used to build your app.

It’s as easy as searching for online resources to learn code. These sources can teach you how to build iOS apps and learn to write apps in other languages such as Python.

3. Design the App Aesthetics and Functionality (UI)

While you should prioritize designing the user experience of your app, you must make your app eye-catching in the sea of mobile app markets. It will come down to designing the right app aesthetics and functionality.

You should focus on your audience’s expectations and needs when it comes to functionality. To make it eye-grabbing, you should consider using tools such as Font Awesome to improve your app’s look. Don’t forget to add your branding to make it unique.

4. Test and Launch Your App

Once you build the UX and UI design, it’s time to test the app. Does it work as expected? Will it grab your audience’s attention?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself and team during the testing phase. You will always encounter certain issues or areas to improve. You should make any necessary adjustments to get it ready for the mobile app markets.

After making the adjustments and readying your app, it’s time to launch it on mobile app markets. If you only developed an iOS app, you should plan to develop the same app for Android later on so you can expand your reach.

The Bottom Line

App programming and development isn’t as complicated as you may think. However, developing the best business app will depend on your plan. You should develop an all-around approach to cover your bases and create the best app for your audience.

Want to build your own app? Check our blog to learn about the best free resources to learn to code.