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Creating Conversions: How to Choose the Perfect Images for a Website Makeover

Images can make or break a website.

They’re downright crucial. For example, blogs with images get viewed 94% more than those without them! Clearly, they’re an essential component of an optimized website.

However, not all pictures have an equal effect. Some work better than others. Doing a website overhaul and want to find the best pics possible? Let us help.

Read on for 5 tips on choosing perfect images for your website.

1. Ensure They’re On-Brand

Choose photos that match your brand.

This may sound obvious, but many people fail to realize its importance. Remember, a picture says a thousand words.

Visitors to your site will judge your brand according to what they see. It’s a key means of influencing how users react. Ensure photos are on-brand in terms of quality, color, content, and style.

2. Prioritize Professional Pics

Want your website to truly excel online?

Stock photos won’t cut it. They’re generic by nature, which is another way of saying ‘average’!

People can spot a stock image from a mile away. They’re impersonal, dull, and inauthentic. In other words, they’re the opposite of what you want to represent your brand.

If you can afford it, pay someone to take professional images for your site. That way they’re truly unique and of the highest quality. That’s great for building trust and rapport with your users.

3. Remember: Size Matters

Photos need to have the perfect balance between file size and quality.

Quality is key to a great photo. It sends all the right messages about your brand. However, large file sizes (which tend to be better quality) can slow down your website.

A fast site is also crucial to its success. Slow load times amount to another reason to update your website in the first place. Alas, those large files can have the opposite effect.

Always choose photos of an appropriate size.

4. Try to Include People

Pictures of people tend to work well on websites.

Users tend to respond well to them. They instantly attract attention, and impact the way someone feels about your brand.

Of course, this can work both ways. Only include photos of people that relate to your target audience, and that send a positive message about your brand.

Someone who looks awkward or untrustworthy may have an adverse effect.

5. Be Strategic

As we know, pictures are essential on your site.

However, you can’t just throw random images together and expect greater results.

There’s no room for random decisions in effective marketing. Instead, be strategic with the images you include. They should match the goals of a specific page.

For instance, imagine a landing page for a new product. You’d want a happy, smiling individual placed front and center! It sends a message of satisfaction.

Time to Choose the Perfect Images

There you have it: 5 top tips for choosing the perfect images for your updated website.

Websites work better with quality visual content. It makes sense- we’re visual animals! As such, incorporating photos tends to lead to happier website users.

Not all pictures work as well as others, though.

Hopefully, this post will help you decide the best pictures for your needs.

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