Website Design Trends in 2021

Top 10 Website Design Trends in 2021 You Should Consider

Statistic-wise, 1.7 million websites fight for consumer attention online. So, to outperform your competition and get more traffic, you need an irresistible website.

But since website features change or become outdated fast, they can be hard to track. However, this evergreen list of the latest design trends will help you keep a brisk pace.

If you’ve been wondering how to optimize your website for a wider reach and more sales, these ten website design trends in 2021 will help you reach this goal. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Minimalistic Design

One of the reasons visitors stay a little longer on a website is because of its simple design. But, in truth, no one wants to click on a website with broken links, unfiltered or spam comments, and old content.

Adopting a minimalistic website design ensures the content available is relevant and evergreen to the user. Besides, you get to replace complex color schemes with simpler ones on your website.

The less heavy your website is from all the clutter, the easier it is for users to scroll around and access different pages.

2. Graphics and Animation

Since videos take up too much of a website’s space, which slows it down, animated illustrations are preferred as visuals. Besides, animations are easy to understand, while they also present website content in a fun way.

Depending on your inclinations, these can be GIFs, motion graphics, or animations of your products or services.

3. Voice Interface

With so many online consumers searching via voice, voice interface is among the biggest web design trends in 2021.

voice search is simple to execute and user-friendly. What’s more, voice search options appeal to a larger demographic, including people with physical disabilities.

For this reason, a voice interface is a popular option for users who want to access specific website information or execute commands.

4. Dark Mode

The dark mode is one of the most used features on a website in 2021. This is because it allows you to access a website in low-light environments without impairing your vision. 

Furthermore, this energy-saving option ensures you don’t burn through much of your battery life. Dark mode is not only a web design trend for today but also the future.

5. Artificial Intelligence

For a website to perform different roles at once, AI through its technologies must be involved. For example, think about a website that serves as an e-commerce store that relies on Augmented Reality to advertise products or services.

Features such as chatbots offer users real-time information on products and services available on your website. This way, they can make more informed purchases.

Because AI makes virtual experiences seem real, this is a trend that will extend beyond 2021, and you can read more on web design companies about it.

6. Comfortable Colors

Comfortable website colors are among the most attractive features of a website. Because not only does the right blend of colors grab the attention of online users, but they are comfortable for the eyes to see.

Furthermore, warm colors give your site a minimalistic look that most users crave. Thus, comfortable colors are becoming an instant hit on many websites as they attract high traffic, provided you choose the correct color gradients.

7. Scrolling Interface

Scrolling is an excellent way for users to interact with your website because it provides visual feedback. As one of the web design trends users identify with the most, websites with vertical or horizontal scrolling options have more dwell time.

This means visitors spend a considerable amount of time on the website that improves its visibility online. But, while vertical scrolling is more popular, horizontal scrolls are disruptive and considered more useful website features.

8. Oversized Typography and Bold Fonts

With so much information on websites today, oversized characters can make your website content stand out. Even so, you’ll need bold fonts to make the information visually appealing.

For this reason, oversized typography in bold fonts is a trend that will pick up because of its attention-grabbing nature. What’s more, big lettering is economical in space and guarantees a website maintains a minimalistic design.

The titles are usually in oversized characters, while the rest of the information is in small but short paragraphs. The retro font is the most preferred for lettering because it’s visible.

9. Split Content

The split content feature is a top website design that allows users to access a single page. The website layout is asymmetrically cut to produce different sections with unique colors, fonts, and photos.

Split content on a website gives a website a fresh and unique look far from what users see on other websites. This means you may get more new visitors than your competitors.

10. Captivating Questionnaires

For most websites, questionnaires have become a crucial part of the onboarding process. Here, when visitors land on your website, they are directed to answer a series of questions instead of providing them with product descriptions.

These questions help you understand your audience better and their different inclinations. In addition, by answering your questions, the user becomes part of the interactive onboarding process and can make more informed choices.

Take Your Website Design Trends in 2021 a Notch Higher

With almost every business having a website, you need features to make your website stand out from the rest. These top web design trends in 2021 should give you great insight into which features are more suitable for your website.

Try to implement one at a time or two at a go and gauge the difference after a few months. Suppose you found this article helpful, then ensure you read more from our related blogs in the popular design trends section on web design and graphic design.