Instagram Likes

4 Tips for Getting More Instagram Likes

Getting more Instagram likes is easy, but how do you start?

Understanding the importance of Instagram likes is crucial because it’ll help you attract a large audience. When getting more likes on Instagram, your posts will also get shown to more people and you’ll look appealing to advertisers.

To help you, we’ll go over how to get more likes on Instagram so you can start as soon as possible.

Here are four tips for getting more Instagram likes!

1. Create Engaging Content

Getting more likes on Instagram is all about posting content that people will enjoy. If your content is engaging, you’ll have no problem getting people to like and share it, allowing you to spread visibility.

Determining what engaging content is will vary depending on the type of page you have. For example, some people focus on posting aesthetic photos whereas others post memes. Think about your target audience and the reason they follow you, then you can decide what’s best to post.

2. Use Instagram Reels

Another thing you should do is take advantage of Instagram Reels, which was inspired by TikTok. When posting Reels, users can share them on their stories, letting others view them without having to enter your profile.

Aside from getting likes from shares, your videos may appear on the Reels explore page, which can be found by pressing the middle button at the bottom. Whenever people that like similar content browse this page, there’s a good chance your videos will show up.

3. Host Giveaways

Whenever people are trying to get more Instagram post likes, it never hurts to host a giveaway. You’ve most likely seen these before as they’re posts that ask people to like, comment, and share to enter.

Hosting giveaways will require you to think of prizes, but try not to break the bank. You can start with things like small cash prizes or newer phones, both of which are popular giveaway items.

You can also follow like for like trends, which encourage people to like the photos of one another. Similar to giveaways, this will help you become more visible while gaining likes.

4. See When Followers Are Most Active

The last thing you should do is see when your followers are most active. If you have a professional account, you can see various metrics about your followers, such as when they use Instagram, the average age, and more.

Knowing when your followers are active each day will ensure you can post at the right times to get the most likes. For example, if you see that most of your followers are active around 4 PM on weekdays, you can post about 30 minutes beforehand.

Now You’re Ready to Start Getting More Instagram Likes

As you can see, getting more Instagram likes isn’t difficult, you’ll just need to have patience. The hardest part about getting likes is coming up with content, but everything will fall into place after doing this.

If you’re not already taking advantage of Reels and the tools of a professional account, start as soon as possible. From there, you shouldn’t have a problem growing your account and getting more Instagram likes.

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