Niche Marketing Tips

Niche Marketing Tips for Budding Digital Nomads

Working while traveling the world is a dream of many. Because it’s easier than ever to work remotely, working while traveling is no longer just a pipe dream – it’s the reality for many digital nomads. 

While there are all kinds of careers for digital nomads, one of the best careers is to work as a niche marketer. With niche marketing, you help a specific sector of businesses grow their brand. 

What do you need to know about niche marketing? Read on to learn the top niche marketing tips for budding digital nomads. 

1. Choose Your Niche 

First things first, you need to decide on the niche you want to market to. There are all kinds of marketing niches out there, and choosing just one niche can feel overwhelming. 

To figure out which niche marketing area is best for you, we recommend taking stock of your experiences and your passions. Write down a list of everything you feel like you have above average experience in, be it professional or personal. This could be everything from waiting tables to photography to real estate. 

Then, make a list of topics you’re passionate about, and see if you can find any overlap. Since you’re a digital nomad, you likely have extensive travel experience. So, your niche could be to help market local tourism companies. 

Keep in mind, you can always change and expand your niche. Also, your niche doesn’t have to be something that you have extensive experience in, but it does need to be something that you’re willing to learn about. For example, if you don’t know much about cryptocurrency but have always wanted to learn, you can still explore this as a niche. 

2. Create a Website and Market Yourself 

Before you market other companies, you first need to market yourself. This begins with creating a website. Your niche marketing website should include the following information:

  • What your niche is and why you chose it
  • Your contact information
  • The marketing services you offer 
  • Your experience as a marketer
  • Any positive testimonials you can find 
  • Explain how your services differ from that of a traditional marketing agency

Once you’ve built your website, get the message out about your services by posting on LinkedIn and social media. You can also check out sites like Upwork or Fivver for marketing gigs. You may also want to look into online advertising. 

3. Consider Expanding Your Skillset 

Many digital nomads are able to stay on the road for so long because they wear many hats and have multiple income streams. Once you have your digital marketing business rolling, you may want to look into adding other income streams. 

For example, you could start a travel blog, offer graphic design services, or offer videography services. So much can be done from our laptops these days that the sky really is the limit. 

Niche Marketing: Time to Get Started 

Getting started with niche marketing as a digital nomad only requires your laptop and an internet connection. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to create a website and start selling your niche marketing services today!

And, check back in with our blog for more niche marketing ideas!