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Building The Prime Construction Website: What You Need to Know

Making your business stand out on the Internet is harder now than it ever has been before. This is because there are around 200 million active websites online these days. How are you supposed to catch someone’s attention as such a tiny fish in a giant sea, especially if you only operate a lowly construction website?

Well, it’s not as hopeless as you might think. In this quick guide, we’ll tell you what you need to know to build a killer website for your construction business.

Speed and Responsiveness

Really, no matter what your niche is, every website needs to follow the same tenets of design. The first and most important requirement of any website is that it needs to be fast and responsive.

What do we mean by this? Well, it means that the website should load quickly, moving to different pages on your website should be breezy, and the navigation controls for your website should be intuitive.

With the average Internet user’s ADHD brain, you don’t have much time to catch their attention. So if your homepage is taking longer than a few seconds to load, you’re most likely losing potential customers.

Spotlight Your Brand

The average construction website seems to be very…bare bones when it comes to its construction, ironically. An easy way to differentiate yourself from your competition is to give your company a unique brand sensibility on your website.

What you’re selling may not be very flashy, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be flashy in the presentation.

Take this construction company, for instance. They decided to give their run-of-the-mill construction company a more modern feel through its branding and webpage design. You can do the same.


As with any business, customer feedback matters in construction. And there is no better way to showcase your positive customer feedback than adding a testimonial section to your website.

Putting this on display shows a confidence in your product, and allows you to be transparent with future customers. People like seeing that you do good work. Hiding your positive customer feedback would be like keeping all of your awards covered in a dusty box in the basement. Show off a little!

Visual Appeal

The Internet, in its early days, was mostly just a way for people to access a vast library of text from all over the world. But over time, the Internet has become a much more visual medium, which means web surfers have begun demanding more visually engaging content.

What does this mean for your website? Well, it means you should you should as many pictures and videos as you can. These more interactive forms of media drawn in customers and make your website more pleasing to peruse through. The construction company Hanson, for example, does a great job of this.

Ready to Start Building Your Construction Website?

Hopefully, this quick post has given you some direction for giving your construction website a thorough redesign. If you need help with the actual designing process of your website, be sure to check out these easy-breezy web design tools. They should be able to help you out.