how to stop drinking

How to Stop Drinking: Apps and Websites to Help You Get Sober for Good

What if the secret to sobriety has been in your pocket all along?

Many people struggle with alcohol dependence and addiction and have trouble sobering up for good. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to stop drinking, there are a few apps and websites that can really help!

Ready to learn more? Keep scrolling to discover our secrets to sobriety.

Sober Grid

The worst part of trying to sober up is the ongoing peer pressure to drink. In fact, the Stop Drinking Expert can tell you all about how bad this can be!

Sober Grid is a free app that can help you feel less isolated. It does this by connecting you with thousands of other individuals struggling to free their lives from alcohol dependence and addiction.

With a click of a button, you can have a virtual conversation with someone if you’re feeling a burning desire to drink. Or you can meet a new support group when you travel to a new place.

Ultimately, this app helps make you stronger by connecting you to a community, and it’s even easier to use than calling a hotline.

I Am Sober

Another reason that sobering up is difficult is because it’s tough to keep track of your achievements. This is especially true because (like we said before) sobering up can feel isolating.

With the I Am Sober app, you can keep track of personal achievements and milestones. And with the app giving you notifications for when these accomplishments happen, you can start turning every day of sobriety into victory.

I Am Sober is more than the name of the app; it will be your motto in no time flat!

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

We’re willing to bet plenty of people have told you about the power of meditation. However, you may wonder how it can help with your drinking and exactly how you can get started.

One great app that can make this happen is Twenty-Four Hours a Day. It contains hundreds of daily meditations from best-selling author Richard Walker.

It’s easy to scan through these meditations and bookmark your favorites. After that, you can return to the most helpful meditations anytime that you need them!

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

There are many great alcoholism-related websites out there. But if you want a kind of “one stop shop,” then you want to go to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism website.

This site has a lot of great information about alcohol and how it affects your health. It can also help you discover local support and treatment programs in your area for when you are ready to take the next step.

Trust us: this is one clean and slick website you’ll want to bookmark!

How to Stop Drinking: The Bottom Line

Now you know how apps and websites can help when you’re figuring out how to stop drinking. But do you know how to create your own helpful website?

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