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Customize Your Brand: 4 Benefits of Professional Photos on Your Website

Nowadays everyone has a camera. The prevalence of smartphones has put a camera in everyone’s pocket. Professional photography equipment, while still expensive, is more accessible than ever. 

That, combined with stock image sites full of cheap photos, can make hiring a professional photographer seem like an unnecessary expense. 

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s look at four benefits of having professional photos on your website. 

1. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

You’ve probably heard the old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Though the origin of the phrase is shrouded in mystery, it came into popular use in America in the 1920s. And there’s no denying its accuracy – just ask any advertising agency.

The advent of the Internet has only made the power of images more strong. Tweets with images have a 150 percent higher likelihood of being retweeted. 

This tells us that images are important. But what’s wrong with simply using stock images?

Well, original images and infographics make up the largest share of most engaging graphics at 41.5 percent. Compare that to stock images coming in at 7.5 percent.

Clearly, you’re going to want your images falling into the first category.

2. Images and SEO

From the simple fact that posts with images receive more attention, it’s obvious that images are good for SEO. Pictures catch people’s eye and encourage them to share with their friends.

The more engagement your posts receive, the better it is for your website’s SEO. Not to mention the extra traffic that can come in because of people sharing your posts with their friends. 

Since the image is what tends to start the snowball, you need a killer one to make it happen.

3. Your Photos Represent Your Business

Another important reason to use original content is that the photos on your website represent your business. You can’t show your brand’s personality as well with generic stock photos. There will always be something that isn’t quite right or doesn’t quite convey what you want it to.

Creating your own images gives you the ability to control every aspect of the photo. Thus, you can carefully craft the perfect representation for your business.

4. Making Conversions

The whole point of getting people onto your site is to convert them into customers. If it’s a physical product you’re selling, you’re going to need actual photos of your product. People want to see what they’re buying before they take the plunge.

Product photos are extremely important. Amateur photos just won’t cut it here.

Professional photographers know how to use light, angles, composition, and other techniques to make your product shine. That’s exactly what you need to turn casual browsers into paying customers.

The Power of Professional Photos

Hopefully, after reading this, you have a better understanding of the power of professional photos. Photography might seem like an area where you can skimp and save a little in your budget. In reality, what you’ll lose in marketing power and conversions is far more expensive. 

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