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4 Ways to Freshen up Your Construction Website

Is your construction website from 2008 or 2018?

If you’re like most contractors, your website is the least of your priorities. As long as it’s active and puts your business on the web, you’re satisfied.

Well, listen up!

If your website looks outdated, you’re leaving money on the table. 15 seconds is all it takes for a visitor (potential client) to leave your website if it doesn’t deliver the best user experience.

It’s time to bring your construction website to the new age. Here are 4 ways to freshen it up.

1. Show Your Uniqueness with a Custom Theme

When you set up your construction website, you probably used a stock theme, and for good reason. Stock themes are cheap and offer some customization ability.

But now stock themes and templates are a thing of the past.

Give your website a refresh with a custom theme. Sure, it will cost you a tidy penny, but the benefits you will reap are well worth it.

First of all, you’re a construction pro. You take pride in building custom houses. What better way to demonstrate your uniqueness to potential clients than with a custom-built site?

2. Educate and Entertain with Video

In 2019, video will drive about 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic.

Video will not only help put more eyeballs on your content, but it will also stimulate client engagement and give your website the much-needed refresh.

Start hitting the record button and capture your construction projects. Drone technology makes it easier to shoot from various angles and give viewers a complete look into your works.

Post the video content on your website and social media pages.

3. Stock Photos Are Giving Your Construction Website a Stale Look

Yes, video is the jam, but that doesn’t mean you neglect photos. Every blog post you publish still needs at least one relevant photo.

The only problem?

Stock photos are giving your website an impersonal feel and they are sending readers away.

Replace the cheesy stock photos with high quality, real-life pictures. Showcase your construction process, technology, employees hard at work, your company offices, happy clients… you know, anything that’s relevant to your audience.

4. Inject Some Authority into Your Written Content

It’s one thing to write content to keep your blog updated, and it’s another to craft high impact, authoritative content.

Wondering how to pull this off?


Write about what’s trending in the industry, or the stuff that not many contractors are willing to wade into. For instance, you can dive into the world of tariffs and how they are going to impact the construction industry.

Afraid you don’t have what it takes?

Why not outsource this task to a competent SEO company, like The SEO Contractor? SEO agencies have the expertise to craft high-quality content for your construction company.

Out with the Old, in with the New

The construction industry doesn’t evolve as fast as the digital world. But that’s no reason to let your construction website go for years without a refresh.

In this article, we have given you some of the changes you can implement to freshen up your site and ensure it meets the standards of the web.

As you make these changes, be sure to keep tabs on our blog for more web design tips.