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HVAC Web Design 101: How to Blow Your Competition Away

Did you know your customers for your HVAC business will likely find you online? At least once a month, 69% of people search for a local business online. To beat the competition, you need to wow potential customers with your website.

What makes an amazing website?

It all starts with website design. The best web design uses effective and UX-driven elements to ensure a customer has a great web browsing experience. Your website also shouldn’t be too flashy and should load quickly.

HVAC websites should also include specific information, such as your services and credentials.

Do you need more help with HVAC web design? Continue reading and find out how to create an amazing HVAC website.

Easy Navigation

Your customers should be able to easily navigate your website. They will want to see your services, find out more about your company, and be able to easily answer any questions.

Separate your services into different pages with information on each service, such as this air conditioning installation page.

In order to achieve easy navigation, keep your menu bar visible at all times. Have a “scrolling” layout so content is displayed as you scroll down. This makes your website easy to view on all devices.

Simple Design

When it comes to website design, less is more. Minimalism is in. Oversaturated websites with lots of content and media will only distract and confuse your customers.

Keep colors simple yet attractive. Put more emphasis on information rather than aesthetics.

Easy-to-Find Company Information

The very thing that will help you stand out from competitors is emphasizing your company. Make sure your company information is easy to find, such as on the homepage.

What kind of information should you include? Your certifications and positive reviews are the key points. But you can include other helpful information, such as your history.

Contact Information on Every Page

Your goal is to convert website visitors into customers. Once you draw them in, make sure they can contact you.

Make the process easy by including your contact information on every page of your website. This information should include your email address, phone number, and even your address. This information will also help your local SEO!

State Your Location

In addition to stating your address, state which locations you work in. Your business relies on local customers.

If a website visitor is interested in your HVAC company, let them know you do business in their area. You can also provide a contact form in case they don’t see their city on your website.

HVAC Web Design Is Easier Than You Think

HVAC web design shouldn’t focus on bright colors and flashy graphics. Your website should be simple, easy to navigate and provide plenty of information about your company and your services.

Your goal is to attract customers to your website and increase sales. People are searching for your business, so reel them in with the best web design!

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